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All merchandise listed in our catalog is not for sale through us, except for Miner's Moss and the RP-4 Shaker Table. To purchase any other items, please contact the manufacturers directly. Please note that some items may have been discontinued.

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What is condition of soil?

Do you have plenty room to stack the stripped material?

When you hit the pay zone what is the gold in? (check all what apply)

How many meters deep do you have to strip off of the non paying material?

What is the best way to contact you?

How deep is the pay?

What type of soil gets stripped off to get to the payzone?

Do you have plenty room to stack the stripped material?

How far to bedrock from the surface?

Does the pay go to bedrock?

Does the pay go into the fractured bedrock?

Is there water at the bottom of the pay zone?

What is the size of the gravel?

What is the size
of the gold particles?

How far will you have to go for water?

How many cubic yards per day would you like to process?

How do you want to mine this deposit?

Send / upload as many photos as you want

If you answer some of these questions maybe I can help by making some suggestions as to the best tools/machines/methods I know of for you.

Please enter your comments, what type of equipment do you want, or else.

Do you want to catch diamonds as well as gold?
(This may change everything and require jigs.)

What  size are the valuable diamonds?
Usually about 2 mm - 12 mm.

Answer as many as you can

Need to know before recommending mining tools


Gold Nugget from Alaska.