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GOLD BUDDY drywashers are an excellent tool to recover gold from dry material. Because the nature of the material can vary widely from fine dust to gravel and the gold being recovered can vary in size from chunks to very small pieces the size of face powder a drywasher can be configured to maximize the recovery rate in any circumstance.

A drywasher recovers gold because of the following characteristics.

(1) The recovery box is shaking, allowing more dense material to sink.

(2) The material in the recovery box is being fluidized by a constant cushion of air, which also allows the more dense material to sink quicker. When the gold reaches the cloth it is trapped under the riffles.

(3) An electrostatic charge develops on the cloth at the bottom of the recovery box, because air is constantly blowing through the cloth. This static charge on the cloth attracts and holds the gold on the cloth.

You can alter all of these characteristics by adjusting the rate that material flows through the recovery box, the amount of air going into the recovery box, and the amount of shaking in the recovery box. All of these factors can be adjusted to fit the size of the gold being collected and the nature of the material being fed into the hopper.


Hopper: This is where you place the raw material. A classifier screen separates the material by size allowing the smaller material to enter the hopper and discarding the material that is too large to pass through the machine.

Angle Adjustment: Changes the angle of the Recovery Box by adjusting the chain length.

Recovery Box: This is the lower box that is pressurized by the blower and collects values in the riffle system.

Flow Gate: This is a slide gate that controls the size of the opening at the bottom of the hopper which regulates how fast the material in the hopper enters the recovery box.

Rear Leg
Front Leg

Frame: This is the steel structure that holds the components in place. For illustration purposes we are calling the leg where the fine material exits the drywasher the "Front Leg" and the leg where the larger material falls off the drywasher the "Rear Leg".

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Gold Nugget from Alaska.

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